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Land of the Pines, LLC 

West End, NC 

Land of the Pines Hobby Farm started out as one stay at home mom’s desire to bring a little nature and natural back to her family. A love for science experiments, Kitchen Mixin’ and botanical based products fueled what is now a kitchen full of soap supplies and a guest room with shelves full of goat milk products, tinctures, infused oils, essential oils and salves. The love of science experiments as a child turned into a Chemistry degree which has enabled the local soap maker to create a quality product that lasts.

Their soaps are rich in moisture with a wonderfully creamy lather.  They leave the senses open from the aromas of therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical additives while nourishing the body…… Toni says, "Get Goaty with us at Land of the Pines and enjoy a goat milk soap free from sulfates, synthetic dyes, perfumes and fragrance oils".