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You're one step closer to becoming a member of your Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative and having Sandhills fresh foods delivered to the Gathering Site of your choice! Read about co-op membership and how to join and/or subscribe below.

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By being a member of SF2T, you're answering: "Yes! I want to be a member of the "growing" community that is Sandhills Farm to Table (SF2T) and I am proud to know that my membership encourages local cooperation between farmers, staff and consumers. I'm willing to learn about the philosophy and policies of SF2T, as guided by the Board, and actively contribute to the sustainability of the co-op as we responsibly grow our food and farming community together."

What are the benefits of an annual co-op membership?

As a member of SF2T Co-op, you have access to the freshest food in the Sandhills and other food services and events... learn more about the benefits by clicking on the links below: 

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