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Your support helps the Sandhills area farmers keep farming.

Become a member and support our program. As a member you can subscribe to a box and purchase items from our online market. Your upfront committment gives local farmers the security to grow more produce.

How it Works

1. Choose a
pick-up site

See the list of sites and choose the one that works best for your schedule and location.

2. Register as
a customer

Give us information about how to contact you, select the Pick Up.

3. Select your
subscription preference.

Choose to get a box weekly or biweekly. Then pick whether to pay upfront for savings or to pay as you go with each delivery week.


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What People Are Saying

“I love the fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies that I get each week. It definitely sparks my creativity in the meals I prep and make for my family. I shop less, spend less, and take less time in the store because I have wonderful produce in my box. I definitely miss it in between seasons.”


working, meal-prepper mom who loves to cook

“I love the fresh veggies that force me to experiment with recipes - it's always worth it! And if you're too scared to try a funky squash, there's always a box at your pick-up site, where you can swap for something else. Every since I saw the documentary Food, Inc. I've been convicted that the healthiest thing for me, and for our planet, is to support local farmers and truly put my money where my mouth is. Thanks for the delicious bounty.”



“I want to see farmers in our area to succeed by having a community that supports them. Subscribing is a great way to do this with the bonus of fresh, delicious produce.”


loves supporting local and blueberries

“I can't tell you how happy we are with our Produce Box! The fruits and vegetables are always so fresh, and it has been great trying new recipes, eating more fruits and veggies at home and supporting local farmers. Pick up could not be easier or more convenient, I am so glad we signed up! Thank you for everything.”


new member

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