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Our farmers' pledge to YOU, the subscribers:

"We, the growers and producers of Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative, do so pledge that, as your neighbors and fellow members of this community:

  • That, from our local family farm to your family table, we grow the freshest, and thus most nutritious local produce Mother Nature allows us,
  • That our produce is picked at peak ripeness, for the finest taste and flavors of the Sandhills, representing the unique diversity of this area,
  • That our produce is SAFE, produced under healthy guidelines. We eat what we grow, and so do our children and grandchildren. All SF2T produce is GMO free, and we strictly comply with all regulations.
  • That each piece of produce has a story that goes with it. We are your neighbors. All of us, including  multi-generational family farmers, take sustainability and the stewardship of the land in our care very seriously.

We maintain that the "Sandhills Grown" produce in your box is the freshest product around, from our local fields to your table within two days. Our goal is to source from the Sandhills counties in and adjacent to Moore County first, and then move outward if necessary for shortfalls.

Sustainability is an interest of ours. Good nutrition starts with the soil, and most of our farmers universally use organic soil-building techniques like green manures and cover crops. In addition, none of the local produce sold through the Co-op is sown with genetically modified seed.  

SF2T subscribers have indicated a wish for more organic produce, and your producers have heard you and adjusted a number of their practices. Unfortunately, the time, paperwork, complications and cost of becoming USDA-certified organic is not affordable for most of our small- to mid-sized family farms. Some of our farmers' produce items might have been classified organic had they pursued certification. As you come to know them, you will learn the efforts the farmers make to harvest the freshest produce that they put on their own dinner tables as well.

Remember, in the SF2T Co-op, the farmers who grow our food are our neighbors, and they live and raise their own children on their family farms - and have for generations. They eat what they grow and go through extensive training, and loathe to do any unnecessary procedures. This is different from massive-scale industrial agriculture.

Many farmers will use sustainable farming methods in general, but may protect certain crops in the summer when the bug pressure gets too high. Sometimes there's no getting away from it, especially for crops like peaches.

We strive to offer more organic products in the boxes and in the Artisanal Market as they are available. Beginning in 2021, Cottle Organics in Rose Hill, NC joined the Co-op and has been supplying an array of certified organic items, including greens, fruits and more. 

We continue to encourage all of our farmers to either pursue USDA Organic certification or move closer and closer to desired sustainable methods. Your interest and questions help that process. To share feedback or talk to your board representatives, email info@sandhillsfarm2table.com.

Cottle Organics, Rose Hill, North Carolina


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