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Why a Subscription?

We built our unique co-op model on the strong foundation formed from the loyal commitment from our consumers, producers, and community. Your subscription is a key way to demonstrate that commitment as a consumer. By seeing your commitment, your farmers can commit to planting, nurturing, and delivering high quality products to meet your needs! When local consumers support local farmers and local farmers support local consumers, together we are fostering our community.

So, by Subscribing:

  • You’re allowing your local farmers to grow to your needs by providing them a stable market.

  • You’re able to enjoy more variety and higher quality product.

  • Our farmers AND consumers are happy, thus healthily growing our community.

How it Works

  • You become a member of the Co-op 
  • You make a commitment to your farmers by signing up for the subscription of your choice
  • Farmers plant and nurture according to your subscription commitment 
  • Every week, based on what's in the fields, we notify you of the harvested items for your box and alternate box option
  • Farmers harvest and deliver your fresh produce for packing  
  • Co-op Volunteers and Staff pack each box and deliver to your Gathering Site or in Moore County, you can have it delivered to your doorstep!

Some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Subscription Experience:

  • Watch the weekly email newsletter, the @sandhillsfarm2table Facebook page, and other outlets for recipes and storage tips for each week’s produce
  • Utlize your option to switch to an Alt box before the weekly order deadline or exchange produce using the Swap Box at your Gathering Site
  • Reschedule an order to a different day or skip a delivery if you are unable to pick up
  • Find a box buddy to share cost, fruits and veggies, and recipes with a friend!
  • Donate your box by contacting Customer Service or notifying your Gathering Site
  • Complement your weekly produce box with specialty items and extra produce offerings through our Artisanal Market
  • Take part in Member Activities, such as farm tours, U-pick days, and more offered through the co-op
  • Share your experiences and recipes with your community and friends on our Facebook page

Our Commitment to Quality & Consumer Satisfaction

SF2T guarantees consumer satisfaction with the quality of the products they receive. Co-op farmers bring their best quality produce, and staff and volunteers check the produce several times in the course of the packing process. Nonetheless, produce is a living, fragile product and if something of poor quality slips through, or gets damaged through the transportation process, we want to know about it. Contact info@sandhillsfarm2table.com and let us know if you've gotten a subpar item, with information (a photo helps staff communicate the issue to farmers and staff), and we'll contact you for a solution. 

Your Subscription Commitment

Just as the staff and producers commit to providing quality products and services, you, the subscriber, commits to the co-op and our producers through your subscription. If the subscription program isn't working for you, the SF2T staff is happy to work with you and help you get the most out of your subscription. However; if you need to cancel your subscription, please contact us. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time upon request. 


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