Frequently Asked Questions

Season Operations

Reminders: You can set a reminder email in your account! This setting is accessible under

MY ACCOUNT --> preferences --> notification preferences.

If you have an upcoming order, you should get a delivery reminder email on either Monday or Tuesday depending on your delivery day so be on the lookout for that! Customer service is available to answer questions and help with account setup as needed!

Billing: Please be sure your card information is up to date. Billing processes on Monday's (occasionally Tuesday) for the week's orders and then again Friday in the case of a decline. In the case of a decline, we will run billing again on Friday giving you time to update payment information as needed. 

Q: How do I know which box to pick up if I cannot find my name labeled?

A: In an effort to conserve paper and printing costs, we have architected our labeling as follows. Use the below as your identification guide or ask the Site Coordinator at your Pick Up Site for help!
HARVEST = 1 box, no label
ALT = 1 box, ALT label
FAMILY HARVEST = 2 boxes, no labels
FAMILY VARIETY = 2 boxes, 1 no label & 1 ALT label

Q: I thought I ordered a box but did not receive one. What happened?
Check your Billing statement. If you have been charged only $25, that means your membership processed, but you do not have anything in your cart. You must go in and add an order, either recurring or log in each week to order. Just because you 'registered' does not mean an auto order was placed. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us at info@sandhillsfarm2table.com. 

Q: Is there an option to decline an item from the box and replace it with something else?
A: If your subscription box has an item scheduled that is something your family won't eat, call Customer Service and request a substitution. You also can change box types as often as you'd like! While we are not set up to make item substitutions dynamically online, you can request something like, no tomatoes, add extra zucchini, or no mushrooms, extra kale, and we will try our best to accommodate.

Q: Is it possible to opt in or out of a delivery week through the web site?
A: Yes, you can skip a box or change your delivery week as needed. You can also switch to a different box type if you like the planned contents in a different box better. Check out this video for an explanation on how to do this. 

Q: How can we return the co-op boxes for recycling or reuse. They are very sturdy, and must be expensive.
A: While we used to reuse our boxes, food safety standards do not allow for that any longer and we are unable to accept them back. Please reuse or recycle your boxes and bag liners, which are biodegradable!

Q: What if I can't make a pick up?

A: You have a few options if you are unable to pick up your order: 

Before the Sunday, 12:00 Midnight deadline you can request to reschedule an order to a different day or opt to skip that delivery through Customer Support. If you opt to skip before the deadline:

      -Pay-as-you-go subscribers will not be charged for that delivery.

      -Prepaid subscribers will receive a credit on their account to be used towards co-op purchases in that year. 

Q: What happens if I miss my pick up or forget?

A: If we have not heard from you prior to your day of delivery and you don't pick up your order on your pick-up day,  it will be donated at the end of the day and you are responsible for payment of that order. Some pick up locations do hold overnight but you will need to contact your site for arrangements. Subscribers can set reminders and determine reminder frequency in their online accounts. This setting is accessible under MY ACCOUNT --> preferences --> notification preferences.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the product delivered to me?

A: We offer a 100% Quality Guarantee. You should receive quality produce; there may be blemishes on natural produce, but everything should be edible and tasty! Farmers, staff, and volunteers check the produce several times during harvest, the grading process, and the packing process. Nonetheless, produce is a living, fragile product and occasionally something of poor quality slips through. If you receive a questionable item, we want to know about it. Call or email Member Support with details (a photo helps staff communicate the issue to farmers), and we'll take care of it. 910-722-1623 or email info@sandhillsfarm2table.com


Q: What does co-op membership mean?

A: Click here to see the importance of being a member of the co-op.

Q: What is involved in a box subscription?

A: Click here to see our Subscription Program details.

Q: How is your program different from others?

A: Our program is different in that we work as a multi-farm CSA to bring together the livelihood work of more than one farm to fill your boxes with an abundance of variety. This passes along the financial support from members to a network of farmers instead of just one farm. We are the right-sized niche for small to mid-sized family farms that do not have hundreds of acres of certain produce and we strive to solely use our co-op farmers that are located in the Sandhills and adjacent counties.

Q: I would like to know more about the farming practices, for instance, are the Cooperative farmers trying to use organic farming methods like less pesticides? "I know that getting an 'organic' certification is difficult and many farmers attempt to lessen the chemical impact to our food but strawberries and apples and tomatoes are frequently the most 'sprayed' foods and often appear in my box. I only buy organic food at the grocery store and I know it's more expensive and would be willing to pay more for an organic harvest box if that was ever offered. ~SF2T member"
A: You are right, the organic certification process does not suit every farm, mostly due to the expense. SF2T farmers are required to show a healthy food safety plan and maintain record keeping so that we know all precautions are taken to keep our farms and food safe. Some farms 'operate' organically and we do work with a few farms that are certified organic. Have a question about a specific farm? Just email info@sandhillsfarm2table.com and we'll get you an answer!

Q: What will be in my box?

A: Variety! You will not get week after week of cabbage, we promise! Harvest Boxes will typically contain 6-10 fresh fruits and vegetables from multiple Sandhills farms. As the season progresses, boxes will contain more and more variety. Each week you have box options to choose from that have been thoughtfully curated with families of 2-4 in mind. Click here to see details on the box contents and click here to view what the delicious produce the Sandhills has in store for us!

Q: How do I get my box/co-op order?

A: When you purchase a produce box subscription or food from the online Artisanal Market by the weekly order deadline during the delivery season (April-November), the order is given to the farmer that week and your food is harvested/made to your order, and then you pick it up at a convenient Pick-up Site of your choice. Click here for a list of our Gathering Sites. Or, if you live or work in Moore County (except Robbins area) you can choose home delivery! Work in an office and have others that are interested? Contact us at info@sandhillsfarm2table.com. 


Q: Can I order from the Artisanal Market without a produce box subscription?
A: Yes! You do not need to have a subscription to order other foods from the online Artisanal Market, you just need to be a co-op member. Just add the 2024 Membership to your cart first. Be sure to order before the Sunday evening deadline of MIDNIGHT and it will be delivered to your Pick Up Site or for home delivery.


Q: I'd like to pre-pay, how do I do this?
We offer members a benefit of discounted boxes for their commitment in prepaying in the pre-season. Each biweekly and weekly subscription has an associated fee for it. You can select this amount under "My Account" and then "Preferences." We will bill you for that amount, plus tax and the membership fee and also update your account to reflect the cost savings on boxes. This amount will draw down on your account as you receive boxes and would even out if that is all you wish to do. If you purchase additional items from the online market, that will also come from your balance until you hit $0 and then will be charged for additional purchases. Alternatively, you can also skip and add boxes as you'd like and keep up with where you are with your balance through "My Account" and then "Delivery History." Click here to see a helpful chart! Check out this video for an explanation on how to do this. 

Q: I'm not sure if this subscription program is right for me... can I try it first? 

A: You are able to sign up for a subscription and cancel anytime by contacting Member Support. Memberships are non-refundable and we will not be able to refund any deliveries you missed that were not a fault of SF2T. Once the orders are placed, the farmers make the commitment to deliver and will be paid.  Contact customer service with other options of trying out our multi-farm CSA and seeing if it is the best fit for you and your family!


Q: What if I want to cancel my subscription?

A: Please contact us at Customer Support to cancel. 910-722-1623 or info@sandhillsfarm2table.com

Q: I'm interested in volunteering. How can I do that?
Be a part of the solution! Get involved in the Co-op by volunteering with us in the packing house or at one of our local Pick Up Sites. SF2T is able to spread so many benefits to so many people because of the tireless efforts of many volunteers! We’re always looking for talented, passionate folks to help out.
In the Packing House: In season, the Co-op employs the help of a team of chipper volunteers to help pack boxes. They are able to learn what is involved in creating and delivering YOUR produce box, see the farmers when they drop off their harvest, be a part of the distribution team, and meet like-minded new friends while helping SF2T operate.
At a Pick Up Site: In season, we also use volunteer help with pick-up day operations or program promotion. Pick your own Pick Up Site, or choose a location you like to visit! Both volunteer opportunities are available Wednesdays & Thursdays, April - November.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email info@sandhillsfarm2table.com or call 910-722-1623.



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